Conflict Management

Conflict coaching and guidance

Tensions in your professional or private environment might be felt but are not addressed openly. Are you looking for suitable support but do you not yet know what is right?
You already have a conflict but the other party refuses to cooperate?
Are you unsure how to deal with a situation and hold a constructive conversation with the other party?
We can support and coach you either as an individual or as a disputing party.

Support in the development of a conflict management concept

As a company you would like to develop a conflict management concept so as to be well prepared for any situation which might be difficult or new for your employees – for example if there are differences in opinion between employees or between employees and supervisors, work teams are put together anew or restructuring is taking place in your company.

What changes are coming your way? What do the communication channels and strategies in your company look like? Who can the employees turn to when they are concerned about something? If an organisation is to function well it is important that conflicts are resolved and transparent structures are provided which are available to all employees.

We offer adequate methods and consultation tools.