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“Mediation means clarity, certainty and understanding”. (Bundesverband Mediation)

Mediators intervene and assist people in discussing their issues and reaching an agreement - and exactly this is our passion, our concern and our profession. We provide fair and committed support with an open and clear attitude. We mediate between two or more parties, within teams and groups.

Are seeking a new way? Are you looking for creative and individual solutions tailored to your needs, for meaningful agreements which will still be helpful tomorrow for all parties involved?

We are a committed team supporting you in reaching this goal. Mediation is a process which enables all parties involved to develop solutions themselves - with 100 per cent satisfaction. This is what differentiates mediation fundamentally from compromises and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures such as arbitration and conciliation.

Apart from mediation, we can also support you with conflict management for individuals and in the development of conflict management concepts for your company or organisation.

Our services also comprise advice and support in important life situations and communication processes. Apart from mediation, we provide the facilitation of discussions, conflict coaching in crisis and decision situations as well as communication training for individuals, teams and groups. We offer all our services in English, German and Spanish. One of the mediators in our team is a qualified and experienced interpreter.