How do we work?


Co-mediation means that a team of two mediators guides and supports you in finding a solution. In co-mediation, also known as 360 degree procedure, this team continuously secures the process you are going through.

We contribute our expertise from different fields, our individual skills and broader perspectives to the mediation process. You will benefit from that because the interests and needs of all those involved are perceived, voiced and reflected comprehensively.

How we assure quality

Quality standards are important to us. We are a team of professionally qualified mediators trained across various professional fields.

Each team member

  • regularly participates in further training
  • is professionally qualified
  • regularly participates in supervision
  • works according to general procedural standards
  • has comprehensive and differentiated professional and methodical expertise

Our guiding principle

Our work is based on our professional attitude and our ethical values. Polygon Mediation has a humanistic philosophy. Every person has a constructive core, strives for autonomy and self-determination. All humans are equal and have equal rights. The way we mediate is based on this attitude. See for further information.

We will support and guide you on your way to finding joint solutions and strategies.