Two steps to the goal

Exploratory Consultation

In a first exploratory consultation we want to ensure that you are in good hands with your situation.

After this first consultation, we will support you throughout the mediation. We will meet in one of our offices in North Rhine-Westphalia or at your institution.

We offer mediation in English, German and Spanish. One of the mediators in our team is a qualified and experienced interpreter.

We look forward to meeting you!

Mediation – how we support you

Mediation is voluntary and as mediators we assist and support all parties equally. In a mediation, the disputing parties can find ways and solutions that are 100 per cent viable and desirable for all those involved. This confidential, constructive and effective approach can be applied successfully in any field of work and life.
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Conflict coaching and conflict management

Are you unsure how to deal with a situation and hold a constructive conversation with the other party? We can support and coach you either as an individual or as a disputing party.
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Facilitated discussions

As impartial third parties we facilitate discussions, ask the right questions, structure the course of the discussion. In this way, approaches for a solution can be developed more rapidly and more efficiently.
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Communication training for teams and groups

Cooperation within the team can be strengthened and consolidated through good communication. Depending on your needs and situation we provide different communication training.
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